Friday, May 3, 2013

Sweding lives again in Thai Iron Man 3 parody trailer

The Fedfe Iron Man Corps. Photo via Facebook.

"Sweding", the trend of lo-fi, back-yard remakes of blockbuster movies that became popular with director Michel Gondry's 2008 Jack Black romp Be Kind Rewind, lives on in Thailand, thanks to a comedy collective known as the Fedfe Boyband.

Fedfe's Thai-sweded Iron Man 3 trailer has racked up more than 900,000 views since being posted on YouTube on April 25, and has been incessantly blogged, reblogged and tweeted about.

The fake trailer has made its way into the mainstream media, with The Nation's Soopsip saying it was featured on Thai TV's Channel 3, and had the morning-show hosts in stitches.

The tattooed Tony Stark's Iron Man suits are made of underwear, body paint and cardboard. His swanky ocean-cliff Malibu pad is a joss paper mansion that's destroyed by toy helicopters. Special effects consist of the actors holding sparklers in their hands and running. Skydiving stunts involve wriggling around on the ground.

The Fedfeclip YouTube channel also includes a comparison video, just so you can see the guy in the blonde wig giving Gwyneth Paltrow a run for her money, though the less said about the guy in blackface standing in for Don Cheadle the better.

Thumbs-up "likes" of the original video (embedded below) number around 19,000 versus zero thumbs-down dislikes. Comments number around 2,830, mostly compliments – "Thailand is the new Sweden", "Thai-Ron Man", etc. – and requests for more "sweded" trailers, such as the upcoming Fast and Furious 6  (I'd vote for a Fedfe version of Star Trek Into Darkness).

The group's worldwide fame has also boosted "likes" on the Fedfe Facebook page.

Fedfe started posting clips on YouTube around a year ago, beginning with Jackass-like pranks before moving on to parodies of boyband music videos.

With fame from their Iron Man 3 video, perhaps the group will be picked up by a TV production company or maybe even get a film deal. However, if either of those things happen, I hope they'll keep their raw edge and not simply become dumbed-down clones of the clowns already on Thai TV and in Thai comedy movies.

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