Thursday, September 29, 2005

Another Fan Chan director making it 'Possible'

Withaya Thongyooyong, one of the six directors of Fan Chan (My Girl), is at work on a movie about a band, The Nation's print-only Soopsip column reports.

"It's a movie set between 1966 and 1970," says Withaya who is still working on the script. "At that time, the most famous band in Thailand was the Impossibles. That’s why it’s temporarily called The Possible, though my movie is not actually about the band at all."

The Possible may well end up being like a Thai version of Almost Famous or That Thing That You Do.

Meanwhile, his former co-directors’ works are advancing. Komkrit Treewimol is has Puean Sanit (Dear Dakanda) ready for release and Songyos Sukmakanan has a horror film called Dek Hor (Dorm) scheduled for release on December 29.

So Withaya is getting pretty tired of people hassling him about when his movie's going to be done, Soopsip says.

Producer-director Jira Maligool is backing Withaya. He says Jira calls it The Possible for another reason.

"He hopes that I'll finally finish my work, like the others," Withaya was quoted as saying.

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