Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Tom Yum Goong: L'Honneur du Dragon

Not content to leave film titles alone, the overseas marketing machine has given Tom Yum Goong a subtitle to get in that requisite "dragon" that all martial arts films must have.

So now it's Tom Yum Goong: Honor of the Dragon.

The film is due for release in France on February 8. The French poster is here, thanks to Sebu, who also reports that the TF1-mandated edit will clock in at 94 minutes. That's quite a trim from original 110-minute version that played in Thailand and elsewhere in Asia this summer.

Presumably, it'll cut right to the action.

The full film can be caught on VCD. YesAsia has Edko's Hong Kong release with Chinese subtitles only, while eThaiCD has a version with no subtitles at all. Just press that fast-forward button to get to the action and you'll likely the the effect of the edited version.

Meanwhile, has news on the Tom Yum Goong star's next movies. It says that Sword has been put on hold while Tony makes an as-yet-untitled film that has him going on an odyssey to learn martial arts skills from other countries: Shaolin kung fu from China, ninja skills from Japan and taekwando from the US.

Looking ahead to 2009, Tony is being slated for a fantasy that tells the story of Hanuman, the monkey god. And there's also Mum Jokmok's Bodyguard 2, probably coming out next year, which he'll have a cameo in along with Born to Fight star Dan Chupong.

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