Monday, August 7, 2006

Dangerous confusion

Lots of confusing news about the Pang Bros' remake of Bangkok Dangerous, starring Nicholas Cage and due to start shooting this month in Bangkok.

Cage portrays a hitman who comes to Bangkok to do a job. And now the lead actress has been named to play his love interest: Charlie Yeung. Monkey Peaches has the exclusive news. Kaiju Shakedown has the commentary on the choice. Yeung is to come to Thailand soon and learn traditional Thai dance and sign language, since she will play the part of a deaf-mute.

In the original, the gunman is a deaf-mute, which is what makes him such a fearless shooter -- he can't hear the gun go off or the screams of the people he's killing.

But, you can't have Nicolas Cage in a movie and not have him be able to say wacky things, so some things had to change.

The title is another confusing thing. IMDb has it listed as Time to Kill, which is a pretty bland name (kind of like the Weinsteins' stupid new name for Sha Po Lang -- Kill Zone). Trade journal Variety is still calling it Bangkok Dangerous. But then the same article refers to a movie called Scarecrow, which must be the movie the Pangs just wrapped up in North America, listed on IMDb as The Messengers. Of course the article, "Cage's 'Dangerous' liason" is dated June 6. It's two months old. So stuff is bound to change.

But, confusion is good. It keeps people off balance. Keeps 'em guessing. Keeps 'em coming back for more.

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