Thursday, February 2, 2012

Top Secret gets deluxe treatment on DVD

I don't ordinarily get too excited by the release of Thai films on DVD in Thailand. After all, most don't have English subtitles and therefore hold little interest for most folks outside of Thailand. They might as well not exist.

But the recent release of GTH's teenage billionaire comedy Top Secret Wairoon Pun Lan caught my eye as I was passing a Mangpong outlet the other day.

The deluxe box set features special artwork by none other than Somboonsuk Niyomsiri, a man better known as Piak Poster, who made his name back in the 1960s as a movie-poster artist. Back then, artists would painstakingly encapsulate all the movie's highlights into the sweeping canvas of the posters and billboards. It's a trade little practised these days, though there are still some around. Piak later turned to directing, making a string of popular teen-oriented films in the 1970s. Now in his 80s, he made his acting debut in Top Secret, portraying the kindly "uncle" of the teenage entrepreneur who created a popular seaweed snack brand. Anyway, I like how out of all the big floating heads in the design, Piak's is the biggest.

And as if that illustration weren't enough, inside the box is a Monopoly-like board game with young star Patchara Chirathivat's face on the money. There's also a calendar with more artwork.

GTH has always done elaborate box sets for its DVDs, but this one is probably one of their best. It's in shops for around 600 baht. But of course, there's no English subtitles.


  1. I disagree, has been a quite a few Thai films released on DVD with Eng Subtitles lately.

    You do have to keep checking, and check the back of the boxes very carefully.

    1. Can you give some examples there, Anonymous? Be specific if you're going to make a comment like this.

      Because I do check the boxes, "very carefully", and none of the Thai DVDs I've looked at recently have English subs.

  2. Sigh, these boxsets are beautiful, but alas their lack of English subs make it difficult for non-Thai speakers. Same goes for most Japanese boxsets. The Koreans on the other hand usually include English subtitles at least for the main feature film.

  3. I have been wintering in Thailand for the last 3 months, and in that time the Thai Films I have found with English Subtitles are

    Yes or No
    Mindfulness & Murder
    Love Summer
    Friday Killer
    Laer Lae
    Cool Gel Attacks
    Lao Wedding

    1. I'd forgotten about Lao Wedding being released on DVD with English subtitles, so thanks for that Anonymous Winter resident. But I haven't seen the others being sold with English subs, at least not in DVD stores I shop, in Thailand, where legal DVDs are sold. Nor do they list English subtitles as an option on the various online shopping sites, like eThaiCD, Boomerang, etc. So I'd be curious to know where you saw DVDs of Friday Killer, Laddaland, etc., being sold with English subs in Thailand.

  4. Surprised at that, went and looked at the DVDs I bought, and Laddaland, Yes or No, Friday Killer, Cool Gel Attacks, Lao Wedding were all bought in either Boomerang or Maeng Pong here in Pattaya.
    The others I mentioned may have been picked up at ahem ..... the Soi Buakhao Market ;-)

  5. I agree that most of Thai Original DVD come with no engs Subs :( I just can wish someday they will give the engs subs to appreciate people who buy the Original DVD and boxset :)
    Most of Thai dvd with engs subs sold outside in Thai market,like Laddaland finally come with engs subs and we can find it in yesasia :)
    But anyway I collect a lot of GTH boxset like : Hello Stranger,Suckseed,Little Comedian,Laddaland,and The Billionaire even they don't have Engs subs coz they are beautifully designed and have many special feature and merchandise,so it's still worthed to have it :)


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