Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kohtee to make his mark at Thai Film Archive

With a show-business career going on a couple of decades, Jaroenporn Onlamai, better known as Kohtee Aramboy (โก๊ะตี๋ อารามบอย), has appeared in dozens of films, thanks to his collaborations with the prolific director Poj Arnon as well as Rerkchai Paungpetch.

A unique character in a local industry that is full of unique characters, the rotund, cherub-like funnyman with a squeaky voice will be honored for his works on Saturday, March 30, at the Thai Film Archive in Salaya, Nakhon Pathom. There will be a hand-and-foot imprinting ceremony and other activities starting at 1pm,

Kohtee's films are  mostly comedies in which he cross-dresses in outlandish outfits, such as Poj's Plon Na Ya (Spicy Beauty Queens of Bangkok) or the never-ending Hor Taew Tak series. Or, if he's not portraying a woman or man who likes to dress up in women's clothes, he's usually wearing some other kind of bizarre disguise, such as in Rerkchai's movies, including his lucrative year-end comedies. Though even in those he usually cross-dresses.

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