Friday, March 1, 2013

Love of Siam gets 'redux' treatment

Following his cheeky shot-for-shot remake of Bangkok Traffic Love Story for last month's "Live at the Scala" performance-art micro-festival, some folks may have wondered why British filmmaker Richard DeDomenici didn't opt for another Thai film that might have been closer to home for "Live at the Scala" – Love of Siam, which had a scene that was actually filmed in the Scala Theatre's spacious art-deco lobby.

Well, before he left Bangkok, DeDomenici rectified that oversight, and sat down on the landmark Scala bench to re-enact a 1-minute scene from Chookiat Sakveerakul's Love of Siam for The Love of Siam: Redux (embedded above).

With DeDomenici taking Mario Maurer's role, and fellow "Live at the Scala" artist Brian Lobel taking Witwisit Hirunwongkul's, the pair acted out a conversation in which Witwisit's Mew and Mario's Tong meet on the bench in the Scala, and Mew ends up inviting Tong over to his house so he can make him a music CD.

Forest Fringe's Andy Field, curator of "Live at the Scala", pitched in as "best boy".

It's a short and simple scene – not near as complicated as the six-minute remake of Bangkok Traffic Love Story, but is perhaps even more valuable as a video homage to one of Thai cinema's great moments inside Bangkok's last remaining single-screen movie theater.

Oh, and if you missed Bangkok Traffic Love Story: Redux, it's embedded below.

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