Sunday, June 11, 2006

Khan Kluay: The merchandise

One area that the new Thai animated feature Khan Kluay seems to have skimped on is merchandising, at least at first glance. And there's some mention of it over at Kaiju Shakedown (in the comments).

Now, I have seen a Khan Kluay plush toy, being hugged ever so tightly by a little boy on the elevator at Central City Bang Na.

But the fast-food restaurants are selling little toys of Western cultural icons, like Snoopy and the X-Men. Doraemon and Pokemon have made appearances as well. Why don't they ever sell Thai characters? Khan Kluay seems like it would be tailor made to have a local fast-food chain tie in, but there's nothing that I've seen.

But I did notice something today, along with the Maserati dealership in Siam Paragon, there's an Apple store, and one of the items it displayed was the Khan Kluay iPod. The 30-gig unit comes with the cute little elephant etched into the stainless-steel back, along with a pre-loaded video clip.

It's not near as kid friendly, or as inexpensive as a little Happy Meal trinket, but it is still pretty cool, I think.

There's more about it at TravelHappy, as well as here and here.

And, along those lines, in honor of His Majesty the King of Thailand's 60th Anniversary of Accession to the Throne, there are specially themed iPods as well.

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