Tuesday, October 16, 2012

See actual found footage on Home Movie Day

Celebrated annually worldwide, Home Movie Day this year falls on Saturday, October 20, and the Thai celebration is set for 11am to 6pm in the FA Cinematheque on the second floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

There's a crop of "found footage" movies playing now in Bangkok cinemas, like SinisterParanormal Activity 4 and even End of Watch. They aren't necessarily all bad, but here's a chance to see real found footage.

For the event put on by the Thai Film Archive, the theme is Thai home movies from Southeast Asian countries, just to get into the spirit of preparations for the Asean Economic Community 2015.

According to Limitless Cinema, the movies will include footage shot by King Rama VII when he visited neighboring countries in 1929-30, a clip of Italian-born artist Silpa Bhirasri (1892-1962) sculpting the monument of King Taksin the Great and Chun Suwannaboon's film of the opening ceremony of the Lam Tong Game (1959).

From 2 to 3pm, Khonthaptip Veeraprawat will talk on her family's home movie collection. Film Archive Director Dome Sukwong will talk from 5 to 6 on "The Surprising Discovery in Home Movies".

Home Movie Day comes at a busy time for Bangkok movie-goers. This weekend, there's also the Indian Centenary Film Festival. And on Saturday afternoon, there's the screening of the Filipino drama Niño as part of the BACC's Cinema Diverse series. A reception at 5pm will welcome the film's director Loy Arcenas and star Fides Cuyugan Asensio.

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