Friday, March 24, 2006

An Armful of what?

Seems Five Star Production is a little perturbed that Wisit Sasanatieng's name has been attached to the Singaporean production, Armful.

So says Wednesday's Soopsip column in The Nation, which states: "The director is not in a position to conclude any deals as he has to finish the epic Nam Prix for which he will receive a Bt100 million budget from French producers Europa Corp, the company of French director Luc Besson who was behind the success of Ong Bak in Europe."

Wisit denies that he has agreed to direct Armful and wonders why the news has been released, Soopsip says.

And Five Star says Wisit is "interested in the project and he started talking with the Singaporean company but has yet to sign a contract."

So, good news on one hand that Wisit's historical epic Nam Prix is on track, but bad news for martial-arts-film cultists (like me), who were hoping to see Wisit try his hand at some One Armed Swordsman/Master of the Flying Guillotine stylisation in the revenge tale of a failed paper merchant who loses one arm.

Kevin W Lee of One Ton Cinema, Armful's producer, was quoted in Soopsip from a story in Flicks magazine that "Wisit is the perfect choice for the movie."

"He is right for a project like this, which depicts a surrealistic story in a humorous way. That style is quite obvious in his first two movies," says Lee.

Eventually, I think market forces will dictate what's next.

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