Sunday, March 26, 2006

In the name of the censor

It is just as I feared. In the Name of the Tiger, a Phranakorn comedy-fantasy that was recently released on DVD, is censored. So Twitch reports. Read it and weep there. I'll probably still see this movie, but I won't buy it; it'll just be a rental.

I have a problem with this. The government says that violence and drug use in films and on television have a corruptive influence on society. Furthermore, they say that the society is dictating that it censor films that depict the offending images.

What about the concept of letting people choose for themselves what they want to watch? A ratings system - where it says on the box what kinds of things that might be found in the films - would be preferable to some nanny editor sloppily blotting out scenes in which I know good and well what is going on anyway. It's pointless.

Sympathy for the censor? No. Absolutely none. I have more sympathy for artists living in a society that doesn't care if its freedoms are being eroded and its art is being defaced.

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