Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wisit's third project: The Unseeable

More news has come forth about Wisit Sasanatieng's third film. It's called The Unseeable, and will be produced by Five Star Production.

ThaiCinema.org, Kung Fu Cult Cinema and Twitch all have details about the film, which were announced over the weekend in Cannes.

It'll be a horror film and will have a script by one of the team from Art of the Devil 2, leaving Wisit to pay sole attention to the visual aspects. It'll be the first time Wisit has directed a film he hasn't had a hand in writing.

ThaiCinema offers a synopsis:

Flashback to the year of 1946, a young pregnant rural girl enters the city of Bangkok to find her lost husband. She rents a boarding house where she meets several strange incidents, especially the widow who is the owner of the house. It has been rumoured that she still sleeps with her dead husband. In seeking of her husband, the desperate girl finds the connection between the widow's husband and her. In the discovery of the truth, she has to encounter something unseeable.

The reports cite Screen Daily, which says the budget is US$2 million, or about 80 million baht. Shooting has already been started and we can look forward to a release around October.

For my money, it's a winning combination -- Wisit's visual style and the script by whoever it is from Art of the Devil 2, a film I didn't pay much attention to when it came out but has since gone on to win awards and gain attention in the West. It's playing at the New York Asian Film Festival.

Meanwhile, Wisit has the Thai historical epic Nam Prix, to be co-produced by Luc Besson's EuropaCorp and Five Star Production and Armful, the martial-arts picture planned by Singapore's One Ton Cinema. But both Nam Prix and Armful are slow to get off the ground, because international funding is involved.

So The Unseeable will keep Wisit's visual style in front of everyone's eyes for the time being.

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