Saturday, February 27, 2010

English-language trailer for The Little Comedian

The first GTH joint of 2010 is Baan Chan ... Talok Wai Gon (Por Son Wai) (บ้าน ฉัน ..ตลก ไว้ ก่อน ( พ่อ สอน ไว้ )), which has been given the international English title of The Little Comedian and a trailer to go with that, embedded below.

Directed by Fan Chan alumnus Witthaya Thongyooyong, who last offered the time-traveling rock band tale The Possible (Kao ... Kao), Baan Chan is about a family comedy troupe with a black sheep -- a son who isn't funny. He's constantly upstaged by his filthy-mouthed younger sister. Yeah, it's something to see a little girl in pigtails explain to the doctor why her older brother has pimples.

But the doctor isn't laughing at the girl's jokes, she's laughing at the little boy.

And, she's played by smile queen Paula Taylor. The boy, just coming into puberty, is in love. It's Rushmore with sweet Thai cuteness replacing the Wes Anderson quirk.

Comedian Jaturong Mokjok also stars as the family patriarch.

The Little Comedian opens in Thai cinemas on March 11.


  1. Ha! What an interesting way of showing a baby birth!

  2. Awsome movie....good work by all the actors.....:)


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