Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On DVD: Meat Grinder

The controversial cannibalism thriller Meat Grinder has been released on DVD in Hong Kong. You can get it at YesAsia.com.

Here's the synopsis:

Thai filmmakers have found a secret recipe that will make gorehounds drool! Directed by Tiwa Moeithaisong of The Fatality fame, 2009 Thai horror cinema sensation Meat Grinder serves up a sumptuous feast of murder, dismemberment, and cannibalism in this proud member of the "torture porn" sub-genre. Destined for cult status, the over-the-top gorefest stars Mai Charoenpura (Suriyothai) as a deranged woman in 1970s Thailand who runs a noodle stall and is hearing voices in her head all the time. When she finds a dying man in her stall one night, she gets the idea to chop him up, and grind the body parts into meatballs as ingredients for her noodle soup. It turns out to be a popular dish, and as the stall gets more and more business, she must find a steady supply of fresh human meat to feed her customers...

Meat Grinder was released in March 2009, just a few months before the ratings system came into effect. The movie reportedly had cuts ordered by censors and also underwent a name change for the Thai title before it was released, from Guay-dteow Neua Kon (ก๋วยเตี๋ยว เนื้อ คน), literally "human meat noodles" to Cheuat Gon Chim (เชือด ก่อน ชิม), "carve before tasting", all in the name of "social order" so the reputation of Thai beef noodle vendors would not be damaged.

One my favorites of last year, it still turned out pretty gory and suspenseful, with a fine performance by Mai, who was nominated for the Star Entertainment Awards.

It's rated Category III in Hong Kong, where the all-region disc is distributed by Kam and Ronson. I don't know about special features.

Meat Grinder is also scheduled for release in the U.K., where it's due out on August 23. The provisional listing for the Region 2 DVD has the Thai trailer, a making-of and a music video as special features.

It's distributed by 4Digital Asia, which has DVD-market observer Logboy worried because that's the same company that tried to have the Japanese torture-porn title Grotesque certified for U.K. release, only to be denied.

Will Meat Grinder suffer a similar fate and be banned in the U.K.?

Well, it was shown at the Terracotta Far East Film Festival in May, so maybe not.

(Thanks Logboy!)


  1. one of the anticipated Thai horror films. but sadly this movie was sort of disappointing.

    we expected lots of cooking humans, but trailer was a trick

  2. Grotesque was banned because it was just torture in a basement with no other narrative, similar to Flower Of Flesh & Blood. They are both very gruesome. I didn't see Meat Grinder, because of the pre-release cuts, but judging by your review it's not in the same league as Grotesque, so it won't be banned. (Very few films are banned in the UK these days, Grotesque was an extreme exception.)

  3. Groestue was just disgusting that is all.

    Hey Kwai! Where are my Ong Bak movie news? and Tony Jaa news?



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