Thursday, March 22, 2012

More Thai lesbian romance in She

A surprise hit of 2010 was Yes or No, So I Love You, an indie Thai film that depicted romance between a couple of cute college girls. It's since become quite popular.

Now Angel and Bear productions, the same firm that was behind the coffee-infused romance Bitter/Sweet, wants another look at lesbian love in She (เรื่องรักระหว่างเธอ, Ruang Rak Rawang Ther).

It has two stories.

In one, a businesswoman facing terminal cancer turns her back on her husband and daughter in hopes of sparing them the pain of her dying; but then she strikes up a relationship with a female photographer.

Meanwhile, a columnist's life is destroyed when her boyfriend e-mails their sex clips to her work contacts. While bouncing back, she strikes up a friendship with her tomboy neighbor.

Veteran actress Penpak Sirikul, who appeared earlier this year in the transgender romance It Gets Better, stars as the businesswoman, along with Ann Siriwan Baker. Appassaporn Sangthong is the columnist with Kitchya Kaesuwan as her neighbor.

It's directed by Sranya Noithai, who previously did 2007's historical horror romance Perng Mang: The Haunted Drum.

Released in Thai cinemas today, there's an English-subtitled trailer embedded below.


  1. can i you give what is title of this movie...plssssssss

  2. I did like Yes or No, so I might check this one out too

  3. The title is She Her Love Story.

  4. Thanks for information.

    2nd Asst Dir.

  5. Is yes or no also talking about lesbian topic?? Thank u

  6. hi admin, can you give me the name of old thai lakorn drama which about two siblings sister and young brother? The story is about two rich children but not have parent because they die early(dont know why). Her brother named Saksik love drawing who also has noisy crazy girlfriend. While her sister named Poon is a lesbian and having affair with their maid named Wiin. Then Saksik meet new girlfriend and fall in love with her. Both main character, Saksik and Poon face are Pan-Asian Thai actor who looks like white people but mix asian face.Please help me find the title of this drama and hope you can send me the title to my email . Really appreciate your help.


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