Thursday, March 8, 2012

Poj Arnon films flood, adds comedic sound effects

Opportunistic producer-director Poj Arnon mobilized film crews to wade into last year's floods to film the backdrop of Rak Ao Yoo (Love Flood), which opens today. It's being released by M Pictures.

The romantic comedy is about an office worker (scandal-plagued singer-actor "Film" Rattapoom Tokongsub) and his buddy (Attaphong Attakitkun) volunteering to help flood victims in order to meet women.

He pursues one he really likes (Busarin Yokphraiphan) but she doesn't feel the same way, at first. Bencharat Wisitkitchakan also stars.

Poj, his cast and crew had to work fast to make this movie while there was still water covering Bangkok's streets.

The title comes from the Thai government's oft-repeated refrain during the flood crisis of ao yoo – "we can handle it" – which also has a sexual connotation in Thai slang.

The trailer, with Thai-comedy sound effects included, is embedded below.

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