Sunday, March 28, 2004

Eye 2 eye

According to Channel News, The Eye 2 is the biggest-grossing horror film of all time in Singapore, where its studio, Raintree Productions, is located.

Meanwhile, I'm continuing to find reviews about it. I like posting about this movie, though I'm too much of a fraidy-cat to actually go and see it.

The Bangkok Post has been running a review in recent editions. Reviewer Kong Rithdee wasn't too impressed:

Instead of the chilly, cerebral, scare tactics of the first The Eye, the Pang Brothers work with a much less effective script in this sequel, supplying us with a less-than-decent dose of crude visceral fear.

Taiwanese starlet Shu Qi, lush-lipped and bloodshot-eyed, plays Joey, a pregnant woman who's spurned by her boyfriend and then stalked by a sepia-tinted ghost.

Apparently her pregnancy has attracted a swarm of malicious, wandering spirits looking for an available womb for their reincarnations, and we witness a peculiar scene when one of them tries to penetrate the woman's body while she's trapped in an elevator.

But the creepy visual stratagems of the original movie are absent here, and the feeble script is unable to orchestrate a genuine sense of the macabre which the story seems to be striving so hard to achieve.

Thai heart-throb Jetsadaporn [Tik] Poldee shows his face in only three scenes, making him more like a supporting act than a first-billed star magnet. And despite Shu Qi's efforts to infuse Joey with strength, her character appears weak and improbable, which is the main reason why the whole enterprise is ultimately so disappointing.

(Via Bangkok Post, Outlook section, Page 6, Saturday, March 27, 2004)

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