Thursday, November 4, 2004

Pangs eye Hollywood

Oxide Pang was in Singapore to promote his and his twin brother Danny's new thriller, Ab-Normal Beauty and Channel News interviewed him.

The Pangs are involved in developing The Eye for the Hollywood remake, with hopes of recreating the success of The Ring and The Grudge.

"You can see (Hollywood) is very good at marketing the remakes. Their box office performance has been very good," Oxide said.

They will also helm a new Hollywood project called The Scarecrow for release in 2006. Under development with Ghost House Pictures, a joint venture with Sam Raimi aboard, it should begin shooting next February.

But the Pangs aren't happy with the script yet.

"This is our first step in Hollywood. It's quite important - we don't want to miss this chance. But we won't do it until the script is good enough." he said.

Work on the script for the new version of The Eye, slated for next year, is also still going on.

Meanwhile, both brothers have just completed individual projects.

Ab-Normal Beauty
is a morbid thriller about photographing death. It stars Singapore's sisterly singing double-act Race and Rosanne Wong. It opened on November 4.

Danny's action drama, Leave Me Alone, with Ekin Cheng and Charlene Choi, is expected to arrive in cinemas on November 18.

The brothers Pang will soon reunite with Eye star Angelica Lee for Recycle, a big-budget, special effects-laden horror fantasy about a scriptwriter whose macabre ideas come to life.

Shooting will start November 23 for the film slated for Christmas 2005.

Oxide said he would push Lee, a Golden Horse and Hong Kong film award winner for her performance in The Eye, to work even harder.

"The first time, it was okay. But now, she needs to improve and find something new for the performance."

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