Monday, May 30, 2005

Thai films for sale

Sebu is continuing to follow up on the Thai film market at Cannes and came across a piece on about more of the films, their distributors and the buyers (the comments are mine, however).

  • The Brutal River/CM Film/Germany, Japan, USA - Wow. I can't believe people are going for this. It looks bad. It's about a giant crocodile attacking. Trailers are in local theaters and are about the most unintentionally funniest thing I've seen in awhile.
  • The Bullet Wives/RS Production/UK - Fine. The UK can have this one. It's dreadful.
  • The Eye Infinity/Fortissimo - The Pang Bros. third installment in their Eye horror series. It hasn't fared well critically. Thaicinema is still fact-checking to see if anyone wants it.
  • Nanacha: Wily Child/CM Film/Canada - Slapstick and toilet humor featuring an unruly hilltribe child sent to an international school.
  • Re-cycle/Universal Entertainment/France, Germany, Japan, Spain, South Korea, UK - Another Pang Bros film. Looks like it's picked up more interest than Eye Infinity.
  • Sars Wars/Han Media Culture/Germany, Japan, Spain, UK - I don't know why I liked this one. It's extremely silly and disjointed, but there's just something about a Thai zombie film that I find appealing and entertaining. It's great fun and it's good to see it's picking up interest overseas. Local audiences didn't get it.
  • Tom Yum Goong/Golden Network Asia/France (TF1), UK (Contender Film Group) - A British company also got the rights? Hmm.
  • Zee-Oui/Han Media Culture/Germany, Spain - Pic about a Chinese immigrant in Thailand in the 1940s who turned into a cannibalistic serial killer of children. A true story, destined for bargain bins in Germany and Spain.

ThaiCinema has lots more reports from Cannes, plus news about the 2006 Bangkok International Film Festival.

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