Friday, November 4, 2005

More freaking Thai horror movies

Make it stop. Last night I caught back-to-back trailers for two upcoming Thai horror films, Scared and Art of the Devil 2. Both were so damn similar - featuring much ripping of flesh, gore and young pretties being terrified and screaming - that I thought it was all one trailer.

Scared, about a group of university freshmen who get caught up in some extreme hazing, comes out next week, on November 10. Art of the Devil 2 will be in Thai cinemas on December 1.

Quite a stew they are cooking up with Art of the Devil 2. It features seven directors, collectively called the Ronin Team, all who have worked on such films as the occult historical epic Kun Pan, Bang Rajan and Art of the Devil - all films directed by Thanit Jitnukul. It stars the lovely Mamee Nakprasitte from Mae Bia and Butterfly Man as some kind of tattooed sorceress. She likes to use a blow torch on a guy's leg. Yikes!

Too much. I need some comedy with my horror, so there's Ghost Variety, starring Mum Jok Mok. It marks the return to the director's chair of Adirek "Uncle" Wattleela, the producer behind Thanit's Bang Rajan and other movies, including Oxide Pang's Bangkok Dangerous and Som and Bank: Bangkok for Sale.

Ghost Variety, or Phee Chalui tells the story of a group of losers who find themselves behind the cameras of a reality TV series that searches for spirits in haunted places. Mum portrays an indie short-film director looking for his big break.

Last in this roundup of Thai horror, Dorm, or Dek Hor, a boarding school scarer that stars Charlie Trairat. Twitch has more on that, including a trailer.

Both Ghost Variety and Dorm are due out on December 29.

Young Charlie is getting in lots of work. He had a small role in The King Maker and stars in the title role in the upcoming The Legend of Sudsakorn.

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