Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Citizen Dog, Midnight My Love at Deauville; Wisit's next project

Citizen Dog and Midnight My Love are among the films in the excellent lineup at the Deauville Asian Film Festival, March 8 to 12. Kung Fu Cult Cinema has more on it.

And, in other Wisit Sasanatieng related news, Wisit's followup to Citizen Dog might be a Singaporean-backed film called Armful. This comes via comments from Sebu, via Variety.

A "stylized tragicomedy" being developed by One Ton Cinema, Armful is "a revenge tale about a failed paper merchant who loses his arm."

One Ton is a new studio started up by some commercial film makers - folks I think Wisit could relate to. The script is in Mandarin and was developed by Kevin WY Lee.

"We approached Wisit to direct 'Armful' precisely because of the surreal and absurdist approach to storytelling he showed in his first two films," Lee told Variety.

One Ton is pitching the new project as Southeast Asian rather than Singaporean and will attach regional co-production partners and an international sales company at the Hong Kong Filmart this month. Aim is to raise a healthier budget for special effects than on the ultra-low-budget Citizen Dog, Variety says.

Update: Twitch has news on this, too.

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