Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Yuthlert Sippapak's next film

Time for an update on Yuthlert Sippapak's upcoming new film, Ghost Station, because new information has emerged from comments by Sophon and from a item in Soopsip in The Nation today.

It seems these teaser posters that spoof Brokeback Mountain are apt (even if such things are soooo 2005) because the story is about a gay couple, played by Nakron "Ple" Silachai and Kiatisak "Sena Hoy" Udomnak, who are looking for a getaway from the city and they find the perfect lovenest -- an abandoned filling station along a road in the mountains.

But things take a crazy turn when when one of them gets drunk and has a one-night fling with a lesbian. She becomes pregnant and insists he assumes responsibility.

The lesbian duo will be played by Achita Sikhamana (the ghost from Shutter and Tong from 13 Beloved) and Suphasara "Sai" Ruangwong -– an actress who, according to Soopsip, claims she's the half sister of superstar Tata Young (and there's got to be some irony there, since Tata Young starred in Yuthlert's screenplay, O Negative, which was actually taken away from him by Grammy).

It's a change for Yuthlert who was last seen developing a snake movie, Mia Ngoo, as well as a flick about disabled martial-arts warriors, Kode Mahapigan.

(Via Deknang/Popcornmag; hat tip to Kaiju Shakedown; cross-published at Rotten Tomatoes)

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