Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Dynamite Warrior to be released on King's Birthday

Via Popcorn and Deknang, Twitch has the posters for Dynamite Warrior,
the movie formerly known as Tabunfire. The Thai title is Kon Fai Bin. Here's more images from Deknang.

Also, the release date for Sahamongkol Film International is set for December 5 - His Majesty the King's birthday and Father's Day in Thailand. It's an important, auspicious day.

Another film I'm watching out for, The Possible, is due for release by GTH the day before, on Monday, December 4.

The new Dynamite Warrior posters are a bit of disappointment. They are explosive enough, to be sure, but I was particularly attached to the teaser image's use of head-butting water buffalo. The new ones, bafflingly, have a picture of one of the villains smoking a pipe - something I thought was a no-no in Thai media. I expect the Thai DVD release will be heavily censored because of this. But Magnolia has already picked up the rights for North America, so a classy DVD release can likely be expected sometime in the future.

I know at the newspaper, we're prohibited from printing photos of people smoking or even photos that depict tobacco advertisements. It's a major drag sometimes. Pun intended.

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