Friday, December 14, 2007

Crass comedies close out 2007

A pair of crude comedies being released on December 27 will bring an ignoble end to 2007 for Thai cinema.

From Sahamongkol Film comes Konbai the Movie, featuring the usual cameos from the studio's stable of cafe comics. So you can expect Mum Jokmok to turn up, and be yelled at by Janet Keaw. And there's that cross-eyed woman in there, too.

From the preview, Konbai the Movie appears to be a fish-out-of-water flick about some hill-tribe men who fall in love with a pretty Eurasian-looking woman, and come down from the mountain and into the big city of Bangkok. There, they run into all sorts of trouble, in a set-up that allows for plenty of racist gags at the expense of hill-tribe folk.

Then, from Phranakorn Film, a production company whose speciality is crass, B-movie comedies, comes something called Yen Pe Le Semakute. It is directed by none other than the prolific Poj Arnon, who earlier this year directed the cross-dressing comedy Haunting Me (Hor taew tak) for Five Star and saw his homosexual romantic drama, Bangkok Love Story, released by Sahamongkol. Acclaimed as a groundbreaking film, Bangkok Love Story recently won the Grand Award in all Categories at the Brussels International Independent Film Festival. But I guess Poj still has the need to make loopy comedies in his system.

Again, I have no idea what this is about, but it involves a pair of goofy-looking, apparently brainless guys, one of whom has the ugliest set of teeth ever commited to film. Somehow, a come-hither young woman with a leg brace is involved, though probably not as much as she should be.

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