Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Extended gore-filled trailer, uncensored scenes for Art of the Devil 3

Oh. Ick. Twitch has found an extended trailer for Art of the Devil 3. I can't watch it.

And, 24 Frames per Second (via Deknang) points towards a hidden section of the film's website that contains clips that presumably didn't make it into the film because they were too gory.

Interestingly and confusingly, Twitch notes that Art of the Devil 3 is actually a prequel to Art of the Devil 2, I guess getting into the story of how Mamee's character came to be so skilled in the black arts of torture. In Thai, the title is Long khong 2, which makes it a sequel to Long khong, which was Art of the Devil 2. The first film in the series was Khon len khong, and is not connected with the Llong kong films in any way. Different characters, different story, but same gore.

Understand? Good, because I don't.

Oh, here's something kinda cute: One of the sponsors of the film is Parachute Brand's Pises Powder, which is used to disinfect "pimple wounds, infectious wounds, chronic ulcers, burn cuts" etc. The orange packet is on the film's website and is featured in the trailers.

Art of the Devil 3 is released in Thai cinemas on April 3.

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