Thursday, February 12, 2009

On DVD in Taiwan: Love of Siam Director's Cut

I never imagined that the day would come that I could write here that The Love of Siam: Director's Cut is available on DVD with English subtitles. I wasn't even sure that the commercial version of The Love of Siam would hit English-friendly DVD.

But after a great run in Taipei cinemas, where it remained for at least two and half months, Chukiat Sakveerakul's acclaimed gay teen romance and family drama has been released on DVD in Taiwan, with English subtitles.

The three-disc edition includes the three-hour Director's Cut (the commercial release was 2.5 hours), a Taiwan Meet and Greet, deleted scenes, a music video, making of, a concert by the cast and a photo gallery. It comes with a 2009 calender (while supplies last).

It's at YesAsia.

(Thanks Stephen!)


  1. Thanks for this info! Is there any chance that this version will be available in Thailand? Will be visiting Bangkok in March. Thanks and more power! :)

  2. Thor, the DVD of Love of Siam has been out in Thailand for two years, but it does not have English subtitles. That is why I'm looking to places like Taiwan for the DVD.

    I have an FAQ about this that I think is pretty clear. If you still have questions, fire away.

    Hit the YesAsia link and order the DVDs. They might even be shipped for free.

  3. If you understand Chinese, it is cheaper to buy online from GinGin (晶晶). The same disc set is NT$585 (i.e. less than USD20?).

  4. Hi, i'm willing to buy this wonderful dvd version of the film on yesasia, but I wanted to ask you some things before...I read that as well as the film also the extras have english subtitles, is it true? and what about the dvd menù? I guess it is in chinese, i'm afraid I won't be able to find the movie or set the subtitles lenguage XD
    Sorry for bothering you, and sorry for the bad english, I'm form Italy!

  5. Hi Anon from Italy. I still haven't ordered mine, so I don't know about subs on the extra features. Maybe some readers can help out?

  6. To answer the questions about the extras on the Taiwanese 3 disc set, the extras are subbed to some extent. The Taiwan promotional footage only subs the thai dialogue, so all the taiwanese speaking to the director and Pitch aren't translated. Most of the other extras are subbed, I can't speak for the quality of some of the translation for the extras but the english translation for the movie was VERY uneven. The only extra that has no subs at all is the "making of" featurette.

  7. Anybody see a variety of problems with the Taiwan release? The subtitles are, at times, dismal english and many of the names were spelled inconsistently throughout the movie (Mew/Moug, Tang/Hung). In addition, I'm having a problem where the movie's aspect ratio is always fullscreen, even though it is actually supposed to be widescreen, thus the image looks "squished" on my TV. This isn't a problem on computer since you can fix it, but my DVD player can't adjust the aspect ratio. In many ways, it almost seems like a Bootleg DVD set (I bought this from YesAsia).

  8. So is this this version such disappointing? If even the film is badly subtitled I don't know if I'm going to buy this...The widescreen thing also scares me...: ( uff!

  9. This movie,Love of Siam has the potential of making it big in the international scene,however the lack of a decent English subtitle is becoming a big hindrance. I just borrowed a DVD copy from a friend. The image is nice and clear.The English(or so it seems) subtitle is absolutely horrible.


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