Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tony Jaa headed for Hollywood?

Not sure what to make of this, as it's just last the line of a recent Bangkok Post story about piracy (cache), which says that the Commerce Ministry is "in the final stages of discussions with the Motion Picture Association of America to support Thai actor Tony Jaa to work in Hollywood."

Tony Jaa's name has been mentioned over the years in connection to various Hollywood projects. The most recent I remember is his possibly being cast as a villain in Live Free or Die Hard. The role I think that was intended for him ended up being a small one and was filled by a "Tony Jaa type". And there's always been the long-time hope that Tony Jaa could someday work with Jackie Chan and/or Jet Li.

The Commerce Ministry is also organizing roadshows for the entertainment business in Southeast Asian countries in order to expand the market for Thai performers and artists.

And along those lines, Ong-Bak 2 has been playing in Vietnam.

The story was mainly about entertainment giant GMM Grammy's supporting the government's crackdown on vendors of counterfeit goods.



  1. Tony Jaa shouldn't do American movie

  2. Tony Jaa going Hollywood?? that will be is downfall of his career!

    Please don't even dare step a foot in US, cuz those trash directors will make you look bad in movies!

    Only good hollywood movie for Jackie Chan is Rush Hour 1 & 2.
    Only good hollywood movie for Jet Li, Romeo Must Die and Lethal Weapon 4.


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