Friday, May 7, 2010

Ong-Bak 3 to hit the Cannes Film Market

How is Ong-Bak 3?

Industry professionals will find out for themselves next week at the Cannes Film Market, where the conclusion of Tony Jaa's two-part historical martial-arts magnum opus will be shown. It'll be the first time the movie, which opened this week in Thai cinemas, is shown outside the Kingdom.

He talks to the Bangkok Post's Kong Rithdee about the making of the movie:

"The action is more carefully designed and crafted," says Tony Jaa ...

"We believe that in Ong-Bak 2, we reached the limit of what we could do with hand-to-hand combat. So in the third film, we have to push further. And we have come up with something more exciting, including a big scene with a whole herd of elephants."

I've actually seen Ong-Bak 3; twice actually, because the first screening on Wednesday morning was poorly projected. I was glad to see on the second viewing that the cinematography is clear and vivid.

Not gonna say anything more about it here because the review is still in the works. Hope to have it up in a couple more days.


  1. lol...of course you don't wanna review it yet because the movie is a complete beast!:)

  2. Thanks.
    I have not seen a man with a basket on his head and gold guard in a trailer, whether they are in the movie?

  3. Baskethead turns up among the men in black in a strange fight scene that doesn't even involve Tony.

    And the Gold Guard, at least one played by Supakorn Kitsuwon as mentioned in various synopses, is missing in action. There's a fight scene with a man wearing gold, but I am uncertain whether he's THE Gold Guard.

  4. Can't wait to read your review mr. Kwai. Thanks in advance.


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