Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Poj Arnon went to South Korea and all he brought back was a movie

Poj Arnon's South Korean movie Sorry Saranghaeyo looks like it's gone through a few changes since it was first mentioned earlier this year.

In an early trailer, it appeared to be a romance that was (mostly) heavy on the melodrama, with lots of crying in the snowy mountain landscapes.

A new trailer (embedded below) has a solid dose of comedy added.

The movie has a rejigged name too, Kao Rak Thee Korea (เการัก ที่เกาหลี), though from what I can tell, Sorry Saranghaeyo (Sorry ซารังเฮโย) remains in the title.

The story has a Thai family going to South Korea to visit the locations of their favorite TV dramas and movies.

One sister Kana (Haru Yamagushi) hopes to glimpse her favorite pop star, Ajoo (Noh Ah-joo). She's in for heartbreak while her guy pal Chai ("Guy" Ratchanon Sukprakob) is there to comfort her but secretly loves her.

Meanwhile Kana's sister Mara (Tanya Ratnamalakun) wants to indulge in another favorite activity of Thai hi-so's: She wants cosmetic surgery, for reasons that are obvious to anyone who can relate to being shallow, vain and image conscious.

During production, there was behind-the-scenes drama between Poj and Guy, who's one of the young actors in his talent-agency stable. Guy had asked to return to Thailand early so he could take a role in a soap opera on Channel 7. Poj saw that as a good opportunity for his star.

But then it emerged that Guy had signed a contract with Exact, another production company, which made Poj unhappy.

Anyway, words were exchanged, and Guy said that was the reason he was demoted from the lead role in Sorry Saranghaeyo to a supporting player, though Poj denies that was the reason.

Or maybe it was the reason. Or maybe the whole "argument" was stage-managed to drum up publicity for the film?

I don't understand what it was all about. Guy is still in the movie, is featured prominently on the posters, in the production stills and in the trailer, and his name is mentioned in the synopsis.

Sorry Saranghaeyo opens tomorrow.

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