Monday, February 14, 2011

More Chocolate coming, in 3D

What I'm guessing will be Sahamongkol Film International's first 3D movie (though not the first Thai 3D film), Chocolate 2 is being promoted at the European Film Market. Twitch had something to say about it.

I actually read about this awhile back in one of Thailand's English-language newspapers. Okay, it was The Nation. It was during the flurry of year-end round ups and new year's previews and I never got around to blogging about it until now.

From what I recollect from the newspaper article, Chocolate 2 will be at least partly filmed in Japan.

Jija Yanin returns as the autistic savant martial artist. She's the daughter of a yakuza heavy, portrayed by Hiroshi Abe, who will also reprise his role. The story looks to be picking up from where the first film left off, with the girl and her father finally united after being kept apart by bad blood between the yakuza and a Thai mobster – a feud that resulted from Abe's character falling in love with the mistress of the Thai mafia chieftan.

Prachya Pinkaew is directing. And yes, as Twitch mentions, he's got plenty going on. There's the South Korean-Thai co-production The Kick, which he's also directing. That has Jija in a supporting role. Meanwhile, Prachya's helmer-for-hire job for Hollywood, Elephant White is in post production. Hope to hear more about that sometime.

(Via Far East Films)


  1. I really loved Chocolate, and I am bit worried about this sequel. I feel I'll be disappointed.

  2. Hopefully they wont screw this one up.... I really liked "Chocolate" and would hate to have them rush out a hasty sequel just to make a few dollars....

    Jija certainly deserves better than that.....

  3. I really want them to CD or DVD Original chocolate 1 and 2 directly from jeeja yanin and also asked for her hand signs.
    I loved the movie chocolate jeeja yanin and thailand

    I lived in Indonesia in Jakarta is located in Tangerang I loved the movie jeeja yanin and chocolate.
    I want to go there but can not if jeeja be going to Indonesia I'm so glad what else I was with him. I was really pleased

  4. i think jeeja should be staring in alot of martial movies because there arnt alot of leading role (female) in the martial arts movie. she is a very talented young female and very skilled. since in part 2 she goes to japan i was woundering if she can do a movie with michelle yeoh they both talented female martial artist.she should also do a film with romance martials arts my name tameka almonte

  5. Her last movie..This girl is bad a good movie too compared to what she did after chocolate ...i hope this one is more fierce and not so much choreography that looks like a dance but more raw martial arts

  6. She is a great actress when i first seen her movie chocolate. i watched it many times,as it was the 1st movie i could watch over & over,and it has to be a great movie,because i mostly watch kung fu movies,and i have a lot. Is chocolate 2 3d out, as i can't find it ? I also agree she should have more star roles.


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