Thursday, April 14, 2011

Watch this: Censorsh*t

A student's short film Censorsh*t (embedded above), makes a mockery of the censorship on Thai television in which various things deemed offensive by cultural authorities are pixellated or blurred. Such acts as smoking or alcoholic beverages are blurred on Thai TV, but the list of forbidden images also includes various acts of violence as well as intimacy.

Censorsh*t smartly takes things a step further, applying the blurring censorship to everyday objects, street scenes, landmarks, stores and people.

It points to the ridiculousness and futility of the TV censorship, which only serves to wag a parental finger at viewers and say "ah, ah, ah, don't do that." But viewers aren't stupid, and they know exactly what's going on behind the blur. The censorship prevents nothing. It only annoys.

The film is made by a student named Madastro as a mid-term project for school, and Madastro talks more about Censorsh*t in an interview with Jon Russell at Asian Correspondent.

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