Friday, September 2, 2011

Teen pregnancies right now in Love, Not Yet

Omnibus movie projects are still very much in fashion in Thailand, and the latest to hit cinemas is Love, Not Yet (รักจัดหนัก, Rak Jad Nak), a trio of romances by six directors that deals with teen pregnancies.

Bioscope film magazine editor Suphab Rimthepathip produces this comedy-drama with a social message.

Among the directors is actress Inthira Charoenpura, who co-directed the segment Tom Hang, about a tomboyish young woman at an all-girls' school who gets pregnant after a night of being "one of the guys".

It's based on her own experiences of attending a girl's school, she tells The Nation in a story today.

"When I was in school, my classmates thought I was a tomboy because of my personality. But we are still women and have to be careful when spending time with boys," she says.

She co-directed the segment with Chakorn Chaipreecha. The other directors are Pas Pattanakamjorn and Pairat Khumwan on Pai Samed, about a teen couple who go to Koh Samet and come back with a bun in the oven. Anuchit Mualprom directs Pen Mae Pen Mia, about a couple who agree to live together after the girl turns up pregnant. Methas Chaichayanon directed an intro segment.

Suparb said he tried for years to interest his many contacts in the film community in making this project but he eventually took it on himself

"I made this film because I wanted to bring this issue to the big screen," he says.

The Nation article states that Love, Not Yet had originally been intended for release last October, but was delayed by financial problems. It was at that time that a scandal broke when 2,000 fetuses from illegal abortion clinics were found in a Bangkok Buddhist temple, and within months Poj Arnon and Phranakorn Film made a gory ghost thriller about it, Sop Dek 2002.

So though Suparb wishes his movie could have been released back in October, when it would have been "perfect timing", I think things have worked out better.

Maybe folks will remember Love, Not Yet for the message, rather than the gore and ghost fetuses.

It's in cinemas this week. Check out the trailer, embedded below.

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