Thursday, October 6, 2011

In Memory of Mitr Chaibancha on Saturday at the Film Archive

Forty-one years ago this Saturday, October 8, superstar actor Mitr Chaibancha fell to his death from a helicopter while making Insee Thong (Golden Eagle).

As they do each year in memory of Mitr, the Thai Film Archive will have a special program including some of Mitr's movies.

They'll screen the 1966 comedy Sam Kler Jer Long Hon (สามเกลอเจอล่องหน, "three friends meet the invisible man") at 10.30am, with a team of live dubbers. Petchara Chaowarat and Ruj Ronnapop also star.

Following lunch, at 2pm, actress Butsakon Sakonrat, who co-starred with Mitr in some other movies, will have her hand-and-foot impressions made in the Star Terrace outside the Sri Salaya Theatre.

And at 3.30, there will be a presentation of a voice clip of Mitr from 1965, obtained from the Rank Organization in the U.K. It's a rare opportunity to hear Mitr's voice, because in all his films, his voice was dubbed.

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