Thursday, June 14, 2012

NYAFF 2012: Gangstas, ghouls and girls in Dead Bite

It's that time of year again, when the wacky folks who put on the New York Asian Film Festival take over the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center and screen some of the craziest movies on the planet.

This year's Thai entry is Dead Bite, a ripping horror comedy featuring bouncing bikini babes, amiable hip-hop musicians and zombies.

Directed by rapper Joey Boy and starring him and his colorful hip-hop crew, it was released in Thailand last year as Gancore Gud (ก้านคอกัด).

Here's an excerpt from the festival website:

One of the beautiful things about the Thai film industry right now is that it’s functioning a lot like Roger Corman’s classic exploitation studio, AIP: if you’ve got the right actors, a marketing hook, and a high concept, you’ve got a greenlight. While this means that a lot of cruddy movies get made, it also means that the occasional trash classic slips under the wire and hits screens like a big blast of reefer smoke. Such is the case with Dead Bite. Joey Boy is a hiphop star who’s buddies with of the Black-eyed Peas and you can just see him in the pitch meeting for Dead Bite, “See, I’m going to get my hiphop crew, the Gancore Club, to play themselves in a zombie movie featuring lots of girls in bikinis. And then they all get killed.” Cue gangsters signing checks and cameras starting to roll.

Head on over the festival website for more details, as well as a music video and an English-subtitled trailer.

Dead Bite screens at 11.10pm on Friday, July 6 and at 3.50pm on Wednesday, July 11. I had two pairs of tickets to give away, but they are all gone.

The New York Asian Film Festival runs from June 29 to July 12 at Lincoln Center and from July 12 to 14 at the Japan Society.


  1. I've been wanting to see this one. Times like this I really wish I lived closer to the big city. Sigh...

    Hopefully though, if this scores some good reviews it'll lead to this one getting a good English friendly domestic DVD release sometime soon. Never a bad thing.

  2. Thanks to Mr. Kwai, I was able to see this at the NYAFF last week w/ my younger sister. I gotta say if you understand Thai this movie is Hilarious!!!! If you don't, the movie's still pretty funny just because of the stuff they do even though the dialogue doesn't make sense. Also, I'm usually not a big fan of Thai hip hop but since the film was littered with them, it actually wasn't half bad and the Thai Rick Ross doing the dance they do is EPIC!!


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