Thursday, July 12, 2012

Security cameras reveal the horrors of Yuthlert's and Tiwa's Heaven and Hell

For his past several films, genre-hopping director Yuthlert Sippapak has been collaborating with talented cinematographer Tiwa Moeithaisong.

Now the two team up to direct  Heaven and Hell (Wong Jorn Pid, วงจรปิด), an omnibus of shorts that join the trend of fake "found footage" movies.

The project sees Yuthlert, the prolific director of the Buppa Rahtree ghost-thriller franchise, return to the horror genre. Hopefully, he and Tiwa, who himself directed the controversial-but-stylish cannibalism thriller Meat Grinder, will bring something fresh to the now tiresome "found footage" genre with the scary tales that purport to be captured from security cameras in three places: a broken-down elevator (Hell No. 8), a convenience store (the cheekily named Heaven 11) and a creepy old house (Ghost Legacy).

In Thai cinemas today, it's released by Phranakorn, and there's already a push for international sales with the release of an English-subtitled trailer, embedded below.

Meanwhile, the always-busy Yuthlert has the terrorism tale Fatherland, in the works, starring Ananda Everingham, and I'm wondering if he's finished his Meu Puen Three Pak trilogy of hitman films that team veteran comedians with pretty actresses. After the pretty good Saturday Killer and the even better Friday Killer, left hanging is Sunday Killer.

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