Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pen-ek's Paradoxocracy comes to cinemas on Monday

Paradoxocracy (ประชาธิปไตยPachatipathai), Pen-ek Ratanaruang's much-anticipated documentary on Thai politics, opens in Bangkok cinemas on Monday, June 24, the 81st anniversary of Thailand becoming a constitutional monarchy.

The limited run lasts until July 10, with screenings at 2 and 8pm daily at Paragon Cineplex and Esplanade Cineplex Ratchada.

On Paradoxocracy, Pen-ek collaborates with Pasakorn Pramoolwong, formerly of A Day magazine, to cover Thailand's contemporary political history. The film is a mix of archive footage, narration and interviews with various academics and activists, surveying the tumultuous times since the constitutional monarchy was established in 1932.

Paradoxocracy was submitted to censors and had a few cuts ordered. In a bold and interesting move, no footage was actually cut, but words or phrases deemed inappropriate by censors have been muted and subtitles crossed out so you'll at least see that there's censorship going on. And, if you can read lips (in Thai), you still might understand what's being said.

By accounts I've seen of the film, in the Bangkok Post and The Nation, it's classic Pen-ek, bearing the same sly humor you'll find in his fictional features.

The trailer is embedded in a previous post, but you can also watch it on YouTube.


  1. Typical major movie theatres in Thailand;)...The movie does not appear to be shown on the 24th as mentioned in the media, and of course Major does not like answering the phone...Some of the smaller indie screens in the city are a lot more aware of the importance of answering the phone and updating their websites;)...This movie is on my list of MUST WATCH movies of the year...But struggling to make it there, as information about where and when it shows are super confusing...

  2. Confusion is pretty much the rule when Major Cineplex screens small independent movies, especially when they are released on an unusual day like today. I've been assured that film is indeed screening at Paragon for sure. However, I've also been told that screenings are sold out. Perhaps check back in a day or so and the situation will be clearer.

  3. Sending on Monday 8th at 1345

    Is fact, showing at Paragon Cinema??
    With Wed 10th being last day of screening?



    1. Paradoxocracy ended its run on July 3. It was originally scheduled to run until July10, but was trimmed back for some reason. Please see an update here.


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