Monday, March 31, 2014

Muay Jin Din Kong Lok 'the worst ever' Thai film

The comedy Muay Jin Din Kong Lok (หมวยจิ้น ดิ้นก้องโลก) was in and out of cinemas so fast, I didn't get a chance to see it. Turns out hardly anybody did.

But really, the insane trailer (embedded below) was all I needed to feel undeprived.

Now, according to Coconuts Bangkok, the film – the title is translated as "Chinese-looking daughter dances 'til the world ends" – "could be one of the worst ever". However, it is being buzzed about in the Thai social media because of its remarkable failure, "with people sharing it online to celebrate its total lack of cool, popularity and (thankfully) chance of a sequel."

Released on February 27, the film by VIP Entertainment opened on 15 screens and made a whopping 29,000 baht, or just under $1,000. That's according to figures cited by the I Love Movie Thai Facebook group.

The plot, such as it is, supposedly involves a teenage boy from Bangkok who seeks a change of scenery to heal his broken heart. He moves to a seaside village where he falls for a local lass who works in a convenience store. But she's aiming to fulfill her best friend's dream by dancing on stage with a popular singer.

But I think Coconuts Bangkok probably sums it up best: "A coming-of-age comedy, the story of 'Chinese-looking Daughter Dances ‘til the World Ends' examines the difficult relationships … haha just kidding."

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