Saturday, January 17, 2015

Oh, it's nothing, it's just The Isthmus

Thai cinema has started off 2015 with the release of an independent film that's been around the festival circuit for the past year or more, The Isthmus (ที่ว่างระหว่างสมุทร, Teewang Rawang Samut).

A drama, surreal comedy and road movie, the singulary strange film is about a young single mother's search for answers after her precocious little daughter starts speaking only Burmese following the death of the family's Myanmar maid.

Directed by a pair of university film-studies lecturers, Sopawan Boonnimitra and Peerachai Kerdsint, The Isthmus premiered way back in 2013 in the New Currents competition at the Busan International Film Festival (Concrete Clouds, released here last year, was in the same slate) and came to Thailand courtesy of that year's edition of the World Film Festival of Bangkok.

Now it's back, with the mind-boggling new poster tagline, "A celebration of nothingness". Thing is, the clever bit of marketing places The Isthmus alongside other recent contemplative Thai indie fare, such as the enigmatic W., which generated steady social-networking buzz in its limited release at Bangkok's "boutique" cinema, House on RCA.

Similarly, The Isthmus is also at House (alongside the indie Thai documentary The Master), as well as at the venerable Lido multiplex in Siam Square.

More posters can be found around, and there's a trailer.

Meanwhile, The Nation has a story offering a bit more on the Thai films in 2015, so check that out.


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  1. i like the poster actually. btw great blog for thia movie lovers. keep it up :)


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