Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Teacher's Diary is top Subhanahongsa nominee

Nominees for the 24th Subhanahongsa Awards have filtered out.

The top nominee is The Teacher’s Diary (คิดถึงวิทยา, Kid Tueng Wittaya), the hit GTH romantic drama. With 13 nods in all, it's up for Best Picture and screenplay, as well as actor and actress.

Other Best Picture nominees are GTH's blockbuster comedy I Fine Thank You Love You, Lee Chatametikool's indie romance Concrete Clouds (ภวังค์รัก, Phawang Rak), Yuthlert Sippapak's comeback Chiang Khan Story (Tukkae Rak Pang Mak, ตุ๊กแกรักแป้งมาก) and Plae Kao, a new adaptation of a Thai literary classic.

Reflecting the indie Thai trend in documentaries, a new category has been added. It has three nominees, Somboon by Krisada Tipchaimeta, By the River (สายน้ำติดเชื้อ, Sai Nam Tid Shoer) by Nontawat Numbenchapol and The Master by Nawapol Thamrongratanarit.

Voting for the winners is under a new complicated new process instituted last year. The Nation has more on that.


  • Kid Tueng Wittaya (The Teacher’s Diary)
  • I Fine Thank You Love You
  • Phawang Rak (Concrete Clouds)
  • Plae Kao (The Scar)
  • Tukkae Rak Pang Mak (Chiang Khan Story).


  • Yuthlert Sippapak, Chiang Khan Story
  • ML Bandevanop Devakula, The Scar
  • Lee Chatametikool, Concrete Clouds
  • Mez Tharatorn, I Fine Thank You Love You


  • Nithiwat Tharatorn, Thosaphol Thiptinnakorn, Suppalerk Ningsanon, Sophana Chaowiwatkool, The Teacher’s Diary
  • Yuthlert Sippapak, Chiang Khan Love Story
  • Lee Chatametikool, Concrete Clouds
  • Boongsong Nakphoo, Wangphikul (Village of Hope)
  • Mez Tharatorn, Chaiyaphruek Chalermpornpanich, Benjamaporn Sa-bua, I Fine Thank You Love You


  • Sukrit Wisetkaew, The Teacher’s Diary
  • Jirayu La-ongmanee, Chiang Khan Story
  • Sunny Suwanmethanon, I Fine Thank You Love You
  • Chaiyapol Julien Poupart, Plae Kao
  • Ananda Everingham, Concrete Clouds


  • Preechaya Pongthananikorn, I Fine Thank You Love You
  • Davika Hoorne, Plae Kao
  • Jarinporn Joonkiat, Jodmai Khwam Songjum (Timeline)
  • Chermarn Boonyasak, The Teacher’s Diary
  • Janesuda Parnto, Concrete Clouds


  • Nopachai Jayanama, Timeline
  • Natpat Nimjirawat, Chiang Khan Story
  • Pongpat Wachirabanjong, Plae Kao
  • Prawith Hansten, Concrete Clouds
  • Popetorn Sunthornyanakij, I Fine Thank You Love You


  • Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, Concrete Clouds
  • Piyathida Worramusik, Timeline
  • Chanikarn Tangabodi, Chiang Khan Story
  • Sinjai Plengpanich, Plae Kao
  • Marsha Wattanapanich, Rak Mod Kaew (Love on the Rock)


  • Narupon Chokkanapitak, The Teacher’s Diary
  • Somkid Phukpong, Chiang Khan Story
  • Panom Promchat, Plae Kao
  • Jarin Pengpanich, Concrete Clouds
  • Pramate Charnkrasae, Hong Hoon


  • Thammarat Sumethsupachok, Pongsakorn Chanchalermchai, The Teacher’s Diary
  • Chonlasit Upanigkit, W
  • Thawat Siripong, Chiang Khan Story
  • Lee Chatametikool, Kamontorn Ekwatanakij, Concrete Clouds
  • Thammarat Sumethsupachok,  Thanasak Yanajan, I Fine Thank You Love You


  • Mai Tang Kan by 25 Hours, The Teacher’s Diary
  • Yak Hak by Koo Kaen Band, Phoobao Thai Baan: E-San Indy
  • Jaikhwam Samkhan by Musketeer, Love on the Rock
  • Golden Shower Bloom by Karen musicians of Klity village, By the River
  • Walk You Home from I Fine Thank You Love You


  • Kantana Sound Studio, The Teacher’s Diary
  • Richard Hocks, Rak Luang Lorn (The Couple)
  • Kantana Sound Lab, Timeline
  • Kantana Sound Studio, Plae Kao
  • Kantana Sound Studio, The Swimmers


  • Chatchai Pongprapapan, Timeline
  • Hualampong Riddim, The Teacher’s Diary
  • Origin Company, Chiang Khan Story
  • Piti Kayoonpahn, The Scar
  • Hualampong Riddim, I Fine Thank You Love You


  • Akradej Kaewkote, The Teacher’s Diary
  • Patrick Meesaiyati, Plae Kao
  • Khacha Ruanthong, Chiang Khan Love Story
  • Ekkarat Homla-or, Concrete Clouds
  • Siranat Ratchusanti, Hong Hoon


  • Suthee Muanwaja, The Teacher’s DIary 
  • Siriwan Karnchoochor, Chiang Khan Love Story
  • Suthee Muanwaja, I Fine Thank You Love You
  • Athit Thriakittiwat, Plae Kao
  • Cattleya Paosrijaroen, Concrete Clouds


  • Pichet Wongjansom, The Swimmers
  • Panparit Suvanaprakorn, Kyu Kittichon Kunratchol (QFX Work Shop), The Eyes Diary
  • Montri Watlaiad, Plae Kao
  • Sirirat Jamfa, Hong Hoon


  • Exhabition, The Swimmers
  • The Post Bangkok, Sming
  • The Renegade V Effect, Hong Hoon
  • Oriental Post,  The Teacher’s Diary
  • Nonzee Nimibutr, Timeline


  • The Master
  • Somboon
  • By the River

The awards ceremony is set for March 1 at the Thailand Cultural Center, where veteran action star Sombat Metanee will be honored with the Lifetime Achievment Award.

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