Sunday, September 6, 2015

Classic Thai poster for The Fierce One, aka Jaws of the Dragon

Question came in from a reader today about a mystery Thai poster of a Hong Kong action movie, 1974's The Fierce One.

And so I turned to Facebook and put my top people on it. Experts and noted scholars all, they reviewed the evidence and took about a minute to come up with answers and links to IMDb and the HKMDb.

Written, directed by and starring the pugnacious South Korean-born James Nam, it's a crime drama that's full of martial-arts action.

The Thai title, one scholar comments, translates simply as Action!

It was later exported to the U.S. market by exploitation-film king Jack Hill as Jaws of the Dragon (formula – use title of a wildy successful unrelated movie and just add "dragon").

It's widely available on a popular video-streaming site, as are many other fine examples of the chopsocky genre that were popular in Bangkok's Chinatown and the grindhouse cinemas of North America.

I found it an entertaining diversion from actual work I should be doing, and especially dug the groovy score that borrows librally from Isaac Hayes' Shaft and Lalo Schifrin's Bullitt, with a bit of Pink Floyd's "Echoes" thrown in.

Thanks to the reader who sent it in, and to all who pitched in on Facebook.

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