Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tartan UK shuttered, Tartan USA's catalog acquired

First reported as a rumor by Grady Hendrix on Variety's Kaiju Shakedown blog and then confirmed by a Variety article, Tartan Films in the U.K. has shut down.

Employees found out their company was out of business when they showed up for work yesterday morning and found their London office doors closed.

The company had been struggling financially for much of the past year, Variety says, and had been in takeover talks with Capco Group.

The news of the Tartan U.K.'s closing follows last month's closing of Tartan USA.

Since then, Tartan USA's catalog has been acquired by Palisades Media Corp.. According to a posting on, Palisades has formed Palisades Tartan Film Acquisitions, which will work to continue Tartan USA's boutique DVD line.

Thai titles issued on the Tartan Asia Extreme label by Tartan Video in the U.K. include the Pang Bros.' original Bangkok Dangerous (cited as the "uncut U.K. version", it's probably best edition to have), as well as Ab-Normal Beauty, The Eye Trilogy and One Take Only. Other titles include Bangkok Haunted and Ghost of Mae Nak as well as Three Extremes and Three Extremes II.

(Via Bloody Disgusting)


  1. "[A]ll 22 of its staffers made redundant," according to Hollywood Reporter.

  2. I've been following this one for some time....sad to hear, Thai films with good english subtitles are already soooo hard to find here in the US.

    Now I can't even get them out of the UK.....

    I hope somebody comes along soon to take up the slack in this area.....


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