Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New trailer, expanded synopsis for Mike B.'s The Sanctuary

Invigorated by some pre-sales deals in Cannes, The Sanctuary, an English-language action film from the Brave team of director Thanapon Maliwan and martial-arts star Mike B., now has a trailer, streaming on the Film Frame website. Never mind that download link. There's nothing there, yet.

There is also an expanded synopsis:

In the civilization of Bangkok, there are not many places of sanctuary remaining. Nowadays temples are surrounded by huge modern skyscrapers and few people seek refuge in these holiest of shrines. Temples are becoming little more than tourist attractions as people change their attitudes and live in the new technological era. Our story concerns the last such sanctuary in all the country, the respectable Sak-Arun temple standing in the downtown area. This is the beginning of everything…...

Patrick Roy (Hanc Isaac) is a big business man who owns the building next door and really wants the land the temple stands on to redevelop it. He commands his men including Gary (Gary Daniels) and Jod to get the land for him by any means possible within 3 days. The abbot is kidnapped and all the monks start to panic leaving the temple one by one until only 2 remain, Krit (Mike B.) and Ram the monk. They are determined not to give up and will fight to the end to save their beloved sanctuary and find out why Patrick really wants this land.

Is it for business or something else. Can they fight against the corporate giant against all his influence, money and power? What is the real issue behind this temple ?

Praying together for the faith in destiny of this temple in
cinemas 2008….

And that foreigner bad guy must be a real bad guy indeed. Foreigners aren't supposed to be able to own land in Thailand, so Isaac's character must have some especially dark influence.

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(Via 24 Frames per Second)

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