Monday, June 21, 2004

Coming from Wisit and Pen-ek: Citizen Dog, Invisible Waves

Wisit Sasantieng, director of Tears of the Black Tiger, hasn't been heard from since his 2000 cult hit western. But he's working on something.

Citizen Dog, a comedy drama stars Mahasamut Booyarak and supermodel Sangthong Kate Uthong. This is according to BK magazine, which had a mid-year look at films in its recent issue.

The magazine listed some other upcoming Thai films as well:
  • Invisible Waves - This suspense thriller is the second collaboration between director Pen-Ek Ratanaruang and Prabda Yoon [after Last Life in the Universe].
  • Meteor - Bandit Rittikol [Satang, The Moonhunter, Tigress at King River] directs a sci-fi comedy about two kids who were boen on the ay a meteor fiell to earth. The y both have supernatural gifts, which one uses for good, the other for evil.
  • Six - Writer/director Galtrai helms this occult horror flick. It's the story of a group of six friends who see dead people. In a game that turns serious, they unwittingly conjure up a demon that promises to kill all of them one by one. Starring Ray McDonald [Fake] and Inthira Jeoreonpura [Nang Nak].

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