Friday, June 18, 2004

Four new Thai releases

A heavy dose of horror is on tap in local theaters this week, with some new Thai releases. Actually, there's four films in all. Here's a rundown, with help from Movieseer:
Evil: After the death of her parents, Aui (Pumwaree Yodkamol) comes to Bangkok to live with her aunt, Bua (Ammara Assawanon) – a sorceress since she lost her husband and son. Bua has no one besides her weird nephew, Arm (Alexander Simon Rendell). Mai works in the house’s printing office and takes an instant disliking to Aui – and she reciprocates. The situation deteriorates until the days, hours, minutes and seconds drag unbearably and Aui is taking tranquilizers to reduce her stress. But she’s then faced with an evil so terrifying it will take more than medication to help her.

Khon Len Khong or Art of the Devil: Prathan (Tin Settachok) maintained an amorous relationship with Boom (Supaksorn Chaimongkol) even though he's married. But when he learned that Boom had fallen pregnant, he dumped her. But Boom cast a black magic curse, killing Prathan while Boom reaped the profits of his wealth, as she carried his son. But when her son died during an accident, Boom's fortune went to another minor wife of Prathan, Kamala, and her children. So Boom 's back to reclaim what she believes is rightfully hers - and she's ready to use black magic again to achieve her goal.

The Letter: After reading a letter detailing her grandmother's death, Dew (Anne Thongprasom) went to Chiang Mai where, by chance, she met Ton (Uttaporn Teemakorn), a kind officer at an agricultural research center. Dew started to feel true love for her new acquaintance. They eventually married and began a peaceful life together. Everything was fine until Ton died after a savage illness. Now Dew is alone again, but then something strange happens: she receives a letter -- a love letter -- inscribed in familiar handwriting. It's from Ton.

Pan X: Bank (Preeti Barameeanant), a hot-blooded young guy, was grieving the loss of his recently drowned younger brother. Deciding to join a teenage group led by Num (Yuthapong Sangsuwan) for extreme sports, the games provide Bank with friends and distraction, but when proceedings spiral out of control into danger, Bank decided to quit. Though Bank's gone, the extreme games continue. Now, Bank must do everything within his power to save his friends from the madness.

Of the four, Pan X sounds the coolest, as I'm not a big fan of horror, though I might give Art of the Devil a chance, since it's by Bang Rajan director Thanit Jitnukul. And Evil actually sounds interesting. I'll definitely steer clear of The Letter, a sappy remake of Korean melodrama.

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