Thursday, March 3, 2005

Bang Rajan: The DVD

Bang Rajan is now out on DVD in the UK. It's reviewed at Monsters and Critics.

The two-disc set is heavy with extras and these are mainly on the second disc. Apart from the above mentioned audio commentary there is almost two hours of interviews come from the director (Tanit Jitnukul), producer (Adirek Wattaleela) and three of the main principles (Winai Kraibutr, Jaran Ngamdee and Bongkot Kongmalai). Most of these are in Thai with English subtitles. They are refreshing and tell of how this movie has touched them and their celebrity status back home, their humble and gracious nature is wonderful to see and it's a shame Hollywood generally does not follow this novel all too human example. A short making of which plays like an extended trailer, two trailers, a short and weird documentary on the legend itself (reincarnated water buffalo I hear you say) and the strangest of all is 'Bang Rajan Re-scored'. This short little feature is not as you may expect but it is actually Premiere Asia scoring the music for the glorious DVD menus and the UK promotional Trailer and not anything to do with the movie itself. Twelve more trailers for more of Hong Kong Legends and Premiere Asia compete this disc.

On the downside the movie footage used throughout the extras is very much the same so you do get a little tired of seeing the same clips over and over again. Perhaps if not viewing all in the one go this will seem less bothersome. The other down-note is that during the interview session with Director Tanit he mentions time and time again about how the movie had to be trimmed down to get it in under the two hour mark, it's such a shame that none of that deleted footage makes its way here. These are small quibbles on a mighty show.

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