Thursday, March 3, 2005

Tom Yum Goong trailer

The trailer for the Ong-Bak followup, Tom Yum Goong, is now posted at Ultimate DVD.

Meanwhile, the Ong-Bak onslaught continues in the US. Tony Jaa was recently in Philadelphia, demonstrating his martial-arts prowess. He and director Prachya Pinkaew were interviewed. Here's an excerpt:

Triangle: Do you want to eventually cross over into American films or do you want continue making Thai films with a universal appeal?

PP: We want to keep the essence of Thai when making films. We want to make films in Thailand, but have foreign investors so we can have a bigger production.

TJ: I feel the same way. I want viewers to be able to watch movies that are of quality.

Triangle: Could you tell us a little about your upcoming collaboration Tom Yum Goong?

PP: Well it's our second film with the same crew. We're almost done filming and it might be out by the end of this year. Of course you'll see Muay Thai again, but in a different light.

It speaks in terms of culture and how eloquence plays an important part in Thai culture and way of life. A lot of times foreigners see eloquence and think of Thailand and we wanted to portray that. You'll see how these things get related with other cultures as this film will be based in Australia.

You'll see a variety of different martial arts as Muay Thai will be executed with different opponents. You'll have to wait and see how different it will be.

Another Thai film is on Ultimate DVD. They have the trailer for Beautiful Boxer.

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