Sunday, August 7, 2005

King Naresuan the Great

Haven't had anything about MC Chatrichalerm Yukol in awhile. He's the director of Suriyothai and many other films. His career stretches back into the 1970s.

Twitch has just had some news about Chatrichalerm, though, and his upcoming film, Naresuan the Great. While Suriyothai was the biggest Thai film ever made, Naresuan, a sequel of sorts to that historical epic of epics, looks to exceed that, with a budget of US$12 million.

Naresuan was a 14th century king who fought the last battle for Siamese independence from the Burmese.

The nut graph in this latest news is that the film's production is building a vast ancient city of palaces, villages and temples that will come into use for other films and television series after filming is completed.

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