Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tom Yum Goong: The game, the action figures

Gamers can play action hero Tony Jaa in Tom Yum Goong: The Game, which was developed by Game No Limit, a 10-million baht joint venture company between Sahamongkol Film International and Show No Limit, an IT event organiser, the Bangkok Post reports.

"After watching Ong-Bak I was so excited about his marvellous Thai kickboxing skills. I was inspired and wanted to develop a game by using his character," Game No Limit managing director Pongsuk Hiranprueck told the Post's Database section.

In addition to a financial partnership with Sahamongkol boss Somsak Techarattanaprasert, Pongsuk also had help from his thesis adviser from four years earlier, Prachya Pinkaew -- the director of Tom Yum Goong, who also helped direct the game.

It's the first time a Thai movie has had a tie-in through a computer game. The game will be available with English subtitles through distributor New Era, which will market the game in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Brunei and Thailand. The price is 299 baht (about US$7).

The company expects to sell around 50,000 copies and will also launch the game for mobile phones. has more about the game.

Not only is there a computer game, the merchandising behind Tom Yum Goong is huge -- the biggest ever for Thai film. In addition to movie tie-ins and product placement, there's Tony Jaa, the action figure. They're already for sale on e-bay.

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