Thursday, September 15, 2005

Yam Yasothon rakes it in

Yam Yasothon, the colorful musical romantic comedy directed by Petchtai Wongkamlao is a certified hit, earning 53 million baht in its first four days of release, The Nation reported today.

The Nation also had a report yesterday that Mum intends to make a sequel to Yam Yasothon once he gets the okay from Sahamongkol honcho, Somsak "Sia Jiang" Techaratanaprasert.

It's doubtful Sia Jiang will argue, as long as he's making money.

"Whatever I say, he always agrees with me!" the comedian, actor, director and screenwriter was quoted as saying.

That will come after Petchtai, better known as Mum Jokmok, completes Bodyguard 2, the sequel to his directorial debut.

Made for around 100 million baht (about $250,000), Yam Yasothon looks set to recoup its costs and provide more profit for Sahamongkol Films, the company that also produced Tom Yum Goong (co-starring Mum), which has made more than 200 million baht, on top of sales of rights that have netted at least 300 million baht (the cost of the film).

Bodyguard 2 is sure to be a hit as well. The first film earned 75 million baht and has quite an international following now thanks to overseas DVD releases. (Thanks to Sebu for spotting this news.)

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