Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Yam Yasothon still raking it in

Comedies and action films do the best at the Thai box office, so it's no surprise that the cornpone musical comedy, Yam Yasothon, has become the third Thai film this year to bring in 100 million baht in local box-office receipts.

The others are the comedy, Holy Man, and the actioner, Tom Yum Goong, which is nearing the 300-million-baht mark. This news comes from The Nation's print-only Soopsip column -- now required daily reading.

Yam Yasothon is also the second movie from Sahamongkol Film Co to hit it big this year after Tom Yum Goong.

The film company and its stars, Mum Jokmok and singer-actress Janet Keaw, were to celebrate with a party tonight at the five-star Dusit Thani. I missed out on the fun because I'm sitting here doing this, which, really, is my own kind of fun.

Besides displaying great comedic talent in her first film role, Janet is well known for her impressions of some of the world’s most popular singers. Both she and Mum were to perform at the party, The Nation said.

Meanwhile, there are some in Thailand (mainly central Thai urbanites, I suspect) who are less than enamored by the film, including, which calls the "slapping the head, kicking in the butts and foul cussing" comedy, "adequately entertaining" and "predictable".

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